Cheezekake 69

Cheezekake 69

Cheezekake 69 comes from the dark woods of Avesta in the middle of Sweden.

The four bandmembers: Nikki CK, Ringo CK, Mike CK and Johnny CK grew up listening to Punkrock bands. So after many, many, many years of playing in other bands like Brazen Riot and Cresendo they decided in 2002 to start a punkrock band togheter, and the name of the band became: Cheezekake 69.

Utgåvor på Kamel Records

Rookie of the year

Label: Kamel Records
Media: CD, album

  1. Believe You
  2. Stumbling In Darkness 
  3. Suzie And Johnny 
  4. Here We Go Again 
  5. Running Back For More 
  6. Burning Sneakers 
  7.  Not The One
  8. Angelina
  9. It’s Allright
  10. Sweet Sixteen
  11. Liberation Song 
  12. Afraid 
  13. Hidden Track 
  14. Hidden Track